Andrew Jennings

Andrew Jennings

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Meet Olé, his wicked pen and new book, a hilarious view of Sepp Blatter The Man with the Golden Balls

By Andrew Jennings

The Book Blatter hates

Olé Andersen knows the inside stories of FIFA. When he hung up 
his boots after playing for clubs in Switzerland and Denmark Olé 
took his other skills, as a graphics artist, to work for Sepp Blatter 
designing everything from tournament trophies to FIFA books.

When Olé quit, sickened by the corruption and dismayed, even 
as an open-minded Dane, by some of the cavorting under the 
FIFA duvets, Herr Blatter discovered Olé's other skill: Creating 
lively cartoons revealing that when the Emperor of Football has 
no clothes  - it is a ghastly sight. But very funny as Blatter's balloon 
of pomposity is punctured repeatedly

When Blatter learned that Olé's book of cartoons was imminent he 
responded with typical FIFA transparency. He sent his lawyers to a 
Zurich court in late 2013 claiming that their client  “has a good 
reputation and if the cartoons were published he would never 
be able to repair the damage.”

Stop laughing.

Blatter gives Olé a red card

The Zurich court banned the cartoons.

It didn't cost Blatter a penny because he claimed that if he was lampooned, FIFA was damaged. So FIFA's Finance department paid the legal bill to protect Blatter's vanity.

The courtroom wrangling continued into January 2014 as Olé, now living in Lucerne, fought for his freedom of speech - and his cartoons.

Blatter was especially upset by Olé's plan to call his book 
The Platter Cartoons. In Danish slang plattenslager is a rascal, 
a scamp, a scallywag.

In November 2014 a higher Zurich court allowed publication. 
A week before the Brazil World Cup The Blatter Cartoons
now an ebook, was uploaded to Amazon. Two days later the
FIFA-funded lawyers persuaded Amazon to take the book down,
claiming that it was in the middle of litigation.

Blatter sues Olé

The freedom fight continued. Olé had to pay a 500 Swiss Francs
penalty - or go to jail. He was forced to remove another cartoon 
showing Blatter as a rotten egg. This followed a comment by world 
football's leader, "We have no rotten eggs in FIFA."

Eventually Blatter was privately advised that he was making a 
fool of himself and wasting FIFA money. But the Judge in charge
of the case told Olé, "Blatter has never done anything
legally wrong.”

So Olé shows him as an angel in the new book, The Man
with the Golden Balls.
Sepp's low-life friends
The cartoons cover Blatter at 
World Cups going back to Argentina 
1978, remind readers of Blatter's close
associates, now discarded deadbeats,
Jack Warner, Chuck Blazer, Ricardo
Teixeira, Mohamed Bin Hammam 
and Joao Havelange and illustrate
some of Blatter's more memorable
gaffes and his inability to control
his roving eye when young women
are in view.

Dictator note . . . Blatter was most upset by 
a cartoon showing him in the role of Charlie 
Chaplin's Great Dictator. See Olé's response!

e-book EURO 20.96
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